On December 23, the National Traffic Safety Committee, Traffic Newspaper, and THACO joined forces to celebrate the Golden Steering Wheel Awards 2023, themed "Following the Law to Build a Safe Traffic Culture."

Mr. Nguyen Van Lan, Sales Director of Kia & Mazda Northern Branch is presenting the awards for individuals and teams.

The Golden Steering Wheel Award serves as Vietnam's national accolade, celebrating the contributions of exemplary drivers and transport businesses to a safer, more orderly traffic environment. By doing this, the award acts as a powerful catalyst for promoting public awareness of traffic regulations and fostering a culture of safe driving across the nation.

To be considered for this accolade, nominees must demonstrate an unwavering commitment to responsible driving through strict criteria: clear of any traffic accidents in a year and spotless driving record in three years, and a clean record of traffic violations in a year. Drivers also must have clocked minimum safe distances - 20,000 km for passenger transport drivers, 30,000 km for freight transport drivers, and 15,000 km for urban bus drivers.

Individuals and collectives, who have significant contributions to traffic order and safety, are receiving awards in the program

At the ceremony, the National Traffic Safety Committee will present awards for 20 teams and 50 individuals for their outstanding contributions to road order and safety. Over the past 11 years, from 2013 to 2023, 494 individual drivers representing hundreds of thousands of transport business drivers nationwide have received awards, and 200 units, representing tens of thousands of transportation businesses across the country, have been honored with team awards.

Since 2016, THACO has been a sponsor of the program, aiming to commend drivers and transportation businesses that have contributed to safe driving practices, thereby raising public awareness and consciousness.