Recently, the University of Transport and Communications, HCM City Campus and the HCM City Department of Transport co-organized the International Conference on Sustainable Development and Climate Change Adaptation in Transportation (SDCAT 2023). THADICO serves as the program's main sponsor.

Vietnamese and international scientists at the conference

The conference drew the participation of scientists, experts, and state science, technology, and transportation organizations from the Mekong River Delta region, along with 25 major organizations and businesses in the industry across Vietnam and South Korea.

At the SDCAT 2023, researchers from across the globe (including universities in Vietnam, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and more) showcased their findings and innovative solutions for tackling transportation challenges amidst sustainable development goals and climate change concerns.

In recent years, sustainable development in construction and climate change adaptation has become a significant issue which requires global cooperation. The transportation industry, a major culprit in climate change through construction practices and management, is responsible for 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Vietnamese and international scientists at the conference

As the sponsor of the program, THADICO aims to strengthen its operations, amplify research and explore innovative and sustainable solutions to develop Vietnam's transportation landscape.