A high-profile delegation from Cambodia's Ministry of Defense recently visited Koun Mom Complex, where they were warmly welcomed by Vice President Trinh Tuan Kien and other leaders. Headed by General Director Meas Savon, the group included the Deputy Director General and Director of the Information Department.


During the working session, Mr. Trinh Tuan Kien unfolded the story of THACO and THACO AGRI, detailing their diverse operations and highlighting their investment in Koun Mom Complex's extensive agricultural projects. The conversation also delved into the current labor landscape, exploring policies benefiting Cambodian workers.

Mr. Meas Savon lauded the complex's role in generating tens of thousands of jobs for local and neighboring communities. He envisioned a future where Koun Mom's investment blossomed into thriving agricultural plantations, with expanded fruit-growing zones painting the landscape with prosperity.


The Cambodian leader even envisioned an even grander future for Koun Mom Complex which would transform into a large-scale, industry-driven agricultural project, where investments in diverse sectors fuel not only local job opportunities but also breathe new life into the region's economic landscape.